Olivia Pope Needs “Girlfriends”

Like I promised before the start of the season, I have been watching Scandal in a valiant effort to become a Gladiator. The conversion isn’t really happening. I mostly enjoy reading tweets about the show and commenting on the flavor of Harrison’s gingham shirt (last night’s was purple Popsicle. yum.). I have yet to truly love theContinue reading “Olivia Pope Needs “Girlfriends””

Why Scandal Is Scandalously NOT Great

Confession time.  I tried, with all the good-black-girl-solidarity within me, to like Shonda Rhimes’ show, ‘Scandal.’   It’s a black girl’s dream show: Kerry Washington in the lead role being bawse-y in Louboutin’s and Outre Remi, sexy black guy-candy, sexy white guy-candy, annoying whiny women upstaged by Kerry’s awesomeness, powerful white man sprung on Kerry’s goods…youContinue reading “Why Scandal Is Scandalously NOT Great”