Rainbow Sherbet Fashionista

Who wore it better: Me or the Rainbow Sherbet?

I am perpetually fashion challenged, although I like shopping for clothes. For this reason, I was slow to buy into the colored jeans trend I saw everyone wearing. But one day, at my favorite store, I saw my absolute favorite color on a pair of jeans and I was sold.

Today, while wearing said sea foam green denim with a light pink top, I realized the truth about my outfit: I look like a bowl of chocolate rainbow sherbet. Not that there’s anything wrong with sherbet. Sherbet is pretty, made of hummingbird juice and Lisa Frank glitter, does cartwheels all over your tongue, and cools you down in relentless heat.

It took some convincing. But I am now comfortable with my new status as a Rainbow Sherbet Fashionista.

Woman wears favorite colored jeans? Great! Woman wears favorite colored jeans AND invokes dessert-flavored compliments? (MmmmMM! Girl, you look like a sweet bowl of rainbow sherbet!) So Much Win.

So who wore it better: me or the sherbet? (It’s okay, you can pick the sherbet…I won’t melt if you don’t pick me!) 

Chime in!

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