Three Things the Breaking Bad Finale Did Wrong

This goes without saying, but: SPOILER ALERT!  The world saw the end of a great television series yesterday. The finale of AMC’s methamphetamine drama Breaking Bad appears to have overwhelming fan approval. I feel that it was very well done. I think I shed an invisible tear and all. But just a few niggling points stuck inContinue reading “Three Things the Breaking Bad Finale Did Wrong”

On the Flipside…Praise Song for Skyler White

AMC’s addictive meth-centered series, Breaking Bad, aired the premiere of its final eight episodes last Sunday. I sat front and center, clutching my pillow every agonizing second of it. A few of my Facebook friends launched a discussion about how much they hated Skyler White, who is the wife of Walter, the anti-hero/villain. This was newsContinue reading “On the Flipside…Praise Song for Skyler White”