On Rejection, Determination, and Wrecking Balls

You may face rejection but determination will push you to victory in time.

Today I was rejected from a workshop I applied to and I can feel that familiar hurt folding me into someone a little less bold. For years, I let rejection (and the fear of it) reduce me into rubble, crumbling any determination I would build into so much detritus. But not again. Not this time.

A wrecking ball only destroys if you place yourself in front of it, if you stand still while the specter of pain becomes too bulbous to avoid and you are overcome. But, hat tip to Miley Cyrus, if you ride that broad, swing on the momentum of having believed in something you desired, even after losing it, and let that energy push you to the next project?

There are only so many Nos you can hear before that YES comes along like a hallelujah chorus. Here is to my next YES. Let’s ride.

8 thoughts on “On Rejection, Determination, and Wrecking Balls

      1. “Bummed for a little bit” is so perfectly. You gotta process honestly and then rally. Yeah, keep plotting – and maybe even look in different ways than you have. You’re so creative – I have no doubt you’ll find the resource you need/want and they’ll be so thrilled to have you.

        I am having a good week. Today I gardened with a friend going through cancer treatments – she can’t be in the sun too long, and I love to garden – we had a great morning. Also, I took a great picture of how a mama cow pooped on her nursing baby calf and then stuck her tongue out in disgust at me, and I thought – “you know, this is my life…I chronicle and manage bovine. How did I get here” – oh yeah, love and a good looking man. πŸ™‚ Then, I stopped at ACE hardware to pick up a rhubarb plant and a few fly swats, because it’s just that time of year – whom do I see but my middle school English teacher! I was thrilled to see her and give her one of my blog business cards so that she could see her hard work in action – and then I told her as kindly as possible that I was even happier to see her because a former classmate told me she had died a few years back. Oh.My.Gosh. We had a good laugh.

        I’m telling you – the day the Resurrection comes to ACE Hardware is quite a day. ;o)

        And that is the short Thursday version of my week. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for asking.

      2. Oh my! Well, I’m glad rumors of her demise were greatly exaggerated LOL! All that gardening sounds lovely; I can barely get my rosemary and oregano to thrive without feeling some sense of great accomplishment. Brown thumb runs deep in this family, and it ain’t due to the melanin. lol

        And that’s lovely of you to spend time with your friend. I’m sure she appreciated that.

      3. (: We could green up that thumb. You should try mint. It’s hard to kill, though I did that once – but I’ve improved over the years and there are so many varieties – chocolate mint, peppermint, etc. You could garnish tea and dessert all season. πŸ™‚

        My main garden fatality last year was killing bell peppers – with kindness. This year I am giving them a wide berth and hoping a good dose of ignoring will help matters.

        Yes, I’m glad both these ladies are still in my life.

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