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Hey there, new readers!

Side note: I’ve always felt strange addressing people on any social media platform as “followers.” It feels self-aggrandizing to me and I’m not quite there yet. I’m grateful anyone reads my writing. But I digress…

If you’ve recently followed this blog, you may notice that I don’t post very often. That’s because this site is my professional face; I get down, dirty and goofy at my new blog (as of January 2014) I occasionally cross-post here so you all won’t feel neglected. 🙂

Here’s a sampling of essays I’ve written recently over at Truly Tafakari:

How My Husband and I Paid Off All Our Debt

For Black Mothers Who Have Considered Shears When Blue Ivy’s Hair is Enough

Confession: My Sundays Are Segregated and I’m Okay with That

On Wonder Woman’s Wedgies and Comic Book Modesty

I’d love to have you over at my new digs…stop by for a visit!

d. tafakari 


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