Friday Feel-Good Tune: “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk

The mysterious manbots of Daft Punk.

How do I love Pharrell Williams? I have already counted the ways, so I won’t tire you all with another Skateboard P post. Another day. perhaps.

I remember reading earlier this year that “Get Lucky” would not be the Song of the Summer because “Blurred Lines” would reign supreme. Although that article turned out to be absolutely correct, I never loved Robin Thicke’s summer jam as much as I did this one. Both songs borrow heavily from two black musical icons (Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson) and both were produced by Pharrell.

My Bean and I have had no less than three dance parties featuring this song. I do my best sh’mon impression and she wiggles her non-existent hips from side-to-side. Since this tune has made me feel pretty good in 2013, I found it a worthy candidate for a Friday Feel-Good Tune.

*Nota Bene: Speaking of feeling good (or not) I’ve been battling a nasty case of pharyngitis this week, hence the wacky Mon, Thurs, Fri posting. I should be up and at ’em again next Mon, Wed, Fri, per usual. 

Happy Friday, ya’ll; hope this weekend finds you doing things that make you feel good!

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