Birthday Confetti: what 30+ looks like


Today is my birthday! I am officially over 30 and taking the day off to do things I love and indulge in some sappy self-reflection. I was having a conversation about my life with my twenty-something and post-twenties selves. Here is what the debate produced.

this is what 30+ looks like.

30+ is not selfish, but giving and serving in love
but it is also perfecting self-care and tending one’s own garden

30+ is embracing the fact that youth does not last forever
but it is also understanding that youth never leaves if you love life

30+ is accepting these new curves and softness as beautiful
but it is also realizing 11:00 PM ice cream binges are bad habits

30+ means my dreams’ deadlines are closer than they were yesterday
but it is not too late to seize the day by its throat and squeeze

30+ is the glammest, baddest, most self-assured, sophistafunky chick
but she is not about to kill herself in 6″ heels when flats will wow, too

I’m so thankful to be here to celebrate! I’m a lightweight drinker, so I give you all permission to toss back your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic “drank” in my honor. There will be 50 Cent, 2Chainz, and Stevie Wonder songs playing in my vicinity. That is all.

*note:  Um, so I cheated and put up a pic from this past August, but it’s my birthday and ya’ll forgive me, right? Real birthday pics to come later. 🙂

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