Scandalous vs Scandalite

My friend Deanna writes a witty point-for-point rebuttal of my post “Why Scandal is Scandalously NOT Great.” I love it! You Gladiators may convert me yet. Bravo, Deanna!



Dara T Mathis, 4’10 of intellectual, natural hair, epic writing awesomeness and my friend of over 20 years has done the unthinkable. In one of our random chats today she mentioned that she has started a mutiny. Over what you might ask? The television show Scandal.   Being a Proud Gladiator in a Suit I decided to peruse her recent blog post and see what could possibly be written that would cause a mutiny. I mean me and Shonda are cool.  Kerry Washington has been on my Famous People I want to meet list since “Save the Last Dance”, and became a permanent standard in my life since “She Hate Me” Shonda has had a definite hand in making my Netflix subscription worth it over the years.  I then embark on reading Dara’s post. In which she lists not 1, not 2 but 6 reasons why she is underwhelmed with Scandal.

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