Web Crush Wednesday: Allie Brosh

And on the eighth day, God made INTERNET! (Artist: the indisputably amazing Allie Brosh, from “Hyperbole and a Half”)

The Internet and I have this not-so-secret love affair with each other. I try to Get Stuff Done, the Internet whispers sweet nothings in my ear, and hours later, I’m exclaiming that Uncle Phil was the voice of The Shredder on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (How flipping fantastic is that?!)

On one such foray into Internet wilderness of avoidance, I found the blog “Hyperbole and a Half,” by web comic artist Allie Brosh. (Let me tell you, I want to use the A-Word so badly right now to describe her, but I will resist!)

…as long as there is ice cream involved. (Artist: Allie Brosh)

She is brilliant. Her use of Microsoft Paint far exceeds my ability to draw stick figures with the black pen icon, for one. But, as an avid reader and writer, I have a web crush on her needle-sharp wit, which she uses to uncover nuggets of truth I find in my own life. Her writing is resonant to the extent that you forget you’re reading a comic series and are blown away by her poignant observations. You absolutely must read her series on depression here and here. It’s both a tear-jerker and an eye-opener.

How I feel before washing dishes. (Artist: Allie Brosh)

Aliie Brosh also wrote strip titled  “This is Why I’ll Never Be an Adult” that utterly nails my propensity to have pieces of my life pile up around me until I am buried in the evidence of my procrastination. I use the Internet to avoid cleaning, writing, painting my nails, calling people, sending photographs…pretty much anything except eating. I never avoid eating. Allie’s strip is, like so few things on the Internet, The Best Thing in the History of EVER. 

I am delighted that Allie will be coming out with a collection of “Hyperbole and a Half” strips in book form…on my birthday (October 29, 2013). I can’t wait; best believe, it’s on my birthday wish list. (HintHintHintHintHint).

I leave you with this handy dandy chart detailing how productivity is such a fickle thing to come by. Here’s hoping you will both be productive AND check out Allie Brosh’s talent. That would make you an awesome extraordinary human being.

The story of my #@^$* LIFE! (Artist: Allie Brosh)

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